Arma 3 Editor Guide


1.) A simple way of making AI shot arillery
2.) A powerful and very smart script to make AI shot Artillery.

Welcome to, this is a great place to learn everything about the powerful Arma 3 Editor. I will share with you both simple and advanced tutorials so you easily can follow along and learn how to make fun and detailed mission in no time. 

New to the Arma 3 Editor

Video Tutorials
One of the easiest way to learn is sometimes to look at someone else. In the video tutorial page, I will show you everything you can think of, how to put a units on the map or maybe you want  something to happen when someone or something dies. You will also have the opportunity to look over my shoulder as I show full exciting missions you can copy from me. This is a great way to learn on. Higly recomended!

This weeks article tips:
Urban Patrol Script (UPDATED)
AI Artillery 

This weeks video tips:

AI Artillery
Watch me build an assault mission
Create Respawn Points
Set up reinforcements


arma 3 editor

The Basic Editing Page
If you are completely new and never have used the Arma 3 editor before, I think you should take the time and look at the slightly more basics of the editor. This will help you gain a solid foundation for you to then develop and test on the more advanced parts of the Arma 3 Editor. To know everything about what Adding units and Adding groups etc is. may prove to be very important to know in the future. So my suggestion is that at least skim through the content here on the Basics Page.

The Intermediate Editing Page
If you been working with the editor a little while longer, I think it is more appropriate to look into the Intermediate page. Here you will learn the way to use scripts, still they are very easy, but they can really give an extra dimension to your mission. This is where the fun begins because you start to notice pretty quickly that your mission is becoming more and more detailed.

Create different tasks that in line with your game can get different outcomes. Get picked up by a helicopter and get dropped of where ever you want or request an artillery support. All this and more can be found under the tab Intermediate.

The Advanced Editing Page
This advanced page is only for those who are used to the Arma 3 Editor. You already know most of the time but are unsure how to add for example a Mission Briefing. We will also look at some more advanced scripting Stay tuned for more information.

In order to continue with Arma 3, I need help. If you want this website to be available in the future or if you think that I helped you with the editor, I would be very grateful for a donation. This will help me get the motivation to continue. I will be Grateful for all contributions =)

Thanks for your contribution // Sam Kane